1. Introduction

You can be given the chance to ponder 
over the choices you've made in your life and listen to the choices of others.

Throughout our lives, we make countless choices, on career, on family, on lifestyle, and so on. But even while we make these choices, we look back and wonder, did we make the right one?

In this session, we'll discuss what exactly the right choice means to each other, and exchange ideas on the choices we made, and will make in our lives.

2. Weekly Topic

Week 1. So, I've Graduated. What Now?

(01/19, Tue, 8PM)

Week 2. Navigating an COVID-19 Society 

(01/26, Tue, 8PM)

Week 3. What's Up With the Labour Market?  

(02/02, Tue, 8PM) 

Week 4. Why's the Birth Rate Falling off the Cliff? 

(02/09, Tue, 8PM)

3. Facilitator

Jen Sohn 
Undergrad. in Int. Studies, Yonsei (South Korea)

Hey, pleasure to meet you.

I'm the nerd who gets the kick out of memes. 

My jobs in life are knocking back drinks with friends, visiting tea clubs, going karaoke, and setting new goals in life. 

My motto: if you can't avoid it, might as well enjoy it. 

Let's have fun!

4. Recommended for... 

Those who know basic English, but find speaking difficult 

Those who want to improve their English conversational skills this year 

Those who want to practice English conversational skills, but can't find the time for 1:1 classes 

Those who want to share insights through discussions with others  

5. Details 


1. There will be 3 discussion questions and study materials for every topic. Look over the study materials in advance, and think about what you will talk about during the RUSH session.

2. RUSH sessions will be carried out through Zoom. You will be required to turn your video on. Don't forget to prepare your electronic device (phones, tablets, laptop computers) for the session. The Zoom link will be sent to you through email every week. 

3. The RUSH Premier will be carried out among a maximum of 6 people. Small groups will give you more opportunities to speak out.

4. RUSH Premier will be strictly carried out in English


RUSH Premier will be carried out once a week for 4 sessions.   

2021.01.19 (Tue) PM 08:00 ~ PM 09:00 
2021.01.26 (Tue) PM 08:00 ~ PM 09:00 
2021.02.02 (Tue) PM 08:00 ~ PM 09:00 
2021.02.09 (Tue) PM 08:00 ~ PM 09:00 


15000Won /session (4 sessions in all)