1. Introduction

You can develop your own subjectivity by following your own thoughts, not listening to others' ideas. 

Languages, thoughts, value points, memories, learning, subjectivity...

What do you think of such intangible things?

In a "What do you think?" session, you can have an opportunity to build up your own answers to the topics that might not have any answer, and practice having one's own thoughts.

2. Weekly Topic

Week 1. Can we permanently work and study from home?  

(01/21, Thu, 9PM) 

Week 2. What is Talented mean?

(01/28, Thu, 9PM)

Week 3. Why do we like beautiful things?

(02/04, Thu, 9PM)

Week 4. Do you think university is worth it?

(02/11, Thu, 9PM)

3. Facilitator

Harry Kim 
Cloud Architect (United Kingdom)

I'm Harry Kim. I have been living in the UK for more than 20 years.

I think talking to a new friend gives me the
same excitement as reading a book.

Currently I'm working in the UK as a cloud architect,
and preparing for a Ph.D program on search engines.

4. Recommended for... 

Those who know basic English, but find speaking difficult 

Those who want to improve their English conversational skills this year   

Those who want to improve their English conversational skills this year 

Those who want to share insights through discussions with others 

5. Details


1. There will be 3 discussion questions and study materials for every topic. Look over the study materials in advance, and think about what you will talk about during the RUSH session.

2. RUSH sessions will be carried out through Zoom. You will be required to turn your video on. Don't forget to prepare your electronic device (phones, tablets, laptop computers) for the session. The Zoom link will be sent to you through email every week. 

3. The RUSH Premier will be carried out among a maximum of 6 people. Small groups will give you more opportunities to speak out.

4. RUSH Premier will be strictly carried out in English.


RUSH Premier will be carried out once a week for 4 sessions.   

2021.01.21 (Thu ) PM 09:00 ~ PM 10:00 
2021.01.28 (Thu ) PM 09:00 ~ PM 10:00 
2021.02.04 (Thu ) PM 09:00 ~ PM 10:00  
2021.02.11 (Thu) PM 09:00 ~ PM 10:00 


15000Won /session (4 sessions in all)